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What Are Dental Implants?

Seeking professional care for damaged teeth is essential to the total wellness and function of the smile. To allow Hudson Oaks, TX patients to efficiently move past extracted or missing teeth, our dental professionals are very excited to offer lifelike dental implants to achieve tooth restoration. A fixed implant is made up of a metal post that functions as an artificial tooth root. A personalized dental crown, bridge, or full arch replaces the observable portion of the missing tooth (or many teeth). If you have tooth loss or require a tooth extraction, arrange a visit at Lush Dental & Implants and ask about your oral implant solutions.

What Benefits Do Dental Implants Offer?

Oral implants are often favored because of the dramatic number of positive benefits they offer. As tooth substitutes, implants:

  • Produce improved jaw force and stability of crowns, bridges, or dentures
  • Act as a long-lasting tooth restoration solution
  • Do not make use of surrounding teeth to remain in place
  • Serve as natural teeth in function and appearance
  • Encourage the intake of a well-rounded diet
  • Integrate with the bone tissues to help maintain jawbone health and function
  • Can strengthen your confidence while speaking and when your teeth show

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants can take the place of any number of badly compromised teeth, from one tooth to several teeth. You might be considered a proper candidate for implants if you have endured missing teeth, need tooth extractions, or are not content with your present replacement. To work, implants need strong bone tissue, healthy gums, and a good oral environment. Many people may require additional care before they are thought of as good candidates. Implant-supported restorations may not be an option when you are pregnant, use tobacco products, or have specific health conditions. During your visit, our dental implant team can help you find out if fixed implants are good for you.

What Is the Treatment Process for Dental Implants?

The methodology for fixed implants entails the careful positioning of the implant and the securing of a natural-looking, customized restoration (including full-arch pieces, crowns, or bridges). Once the area is prepared for surgery, it will be desensitized with anesthesia. Nitrous oxide sedation can also be used to allow you to feel calm throughout your visit. The titanium screw will be strategically secured within your jawbone at the proper spot and given time to merge with the jaw through a phenomenon referred to as osseointegration. As soon as the treatment site has completely healed (generally several months later), our dental team will place a tailor-made implant crown, denture, or bridge and check the alignment of the biting surfaces.

Dr. O and the entire team took great care of me and my teeth! Found their dental clinic while on a Starbucks run. Parking is easy, ambience is clean and modern. The staff are super friendly! Thanks Dr.O and team!

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Dr.O is very good! His office staff is always very pleasant and their prices are very good! They focus on beautiful teeth and excellent oral hygiene! I also like that they don't try to sell you a bunch of things you don't need. I am always very satisfied!

C.G. Google

I'm starting the process of getting dentures, and they have been more than willing to work with me. Great place, he is truly a master of his craft

D.C. Google

Was looking for a fast wisdom teeth removal, they booked me for the next day and took all 4 fast and easy and charged me less than a oral surgeon. Very happy with there service. Ps friendly staff.

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What a great team! I made a call and they had me booked for the following hour!! I definately recommend!

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What Can I Expect After Dental Implants?

Patients who receive this operation may experience a small amount of inflammation, bruising, and discomfort near the impacted region. Prescription or over-the-counter pain medication and cold compresses can help lessen some post-operation discomfort. Once the titanium implant has combined with the jaw and the custom piece is attached, it's important to keep up with a regular dental care program with proper brushing and flossing habits. When patients schedule regular dental visits at Lush Dental & Implants, our team will employ special dental instruments to disinfect their oral implants and monitor the condition of their restorations.

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Lifelike Results for Your Smile

Due to the developments in today's dental procedures, there are a number of options to take on missing teeth with the lifelike look and abilities of fixed implants. Our team is happy to provide implant-supported denture, crown, and bridge solutions as efficient tooth replacements to Hudson Oaks, TX individuals. To find out about your options for restoring severely decayed or missing teeth, plan your appointment at Lush Dental & Implants.

Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

Some of the cost of your dental implant could be covered by insurance, which varies by the program. Someone on our office team will contact your provider to help you fully utilize your benefits prior to determining any extra expenses. At Lush Dental & Implants, we want to help you acquire great treatment for your dental health and take a range of accessible payment solutions, such as medical financing plans.

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Typically, no. We will use local anesthesia will numb the nerves surrounding the are of the dental implant. Once it has set in, you are not expected to feel any pain throughout the length of the procedure. Though you may feel some slight pressure at times, it should not cause any discomfort.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

With proper oral hygiene practices, the screw of the dental implant can last for the rest of your life. However, the crown will likely need a replacement after about 10 – 15 years due to general wear-and-tear.

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